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Accent Colors

Choose from 10 beautifully designed accent colors to display your company colors or just to match your style.

Accent Colors on devices such as iPhone, Android and Windows phones

iPhone 5 with One Card on Passbook





Passbook Integration

Now you can add your One Card™ directly into your Passbook app. This allows you to have instant access to your custom QR Code when you are at a networking event or trade show. 





Welcome Video

More people are communicating through videos than ever before, so why not introduce yourself through a video right from your business card? In past this obviously would not be possible, but now with the One Card™, you can!

One Card Welcome Video from Youtube


One Card FaceTime and Skype App Icons


Facetime & Skype

Do you use Facetime or Skype? Now you can connect with others on Facetime and Skype right from their One Card™. Video conferencing has never been easier


Personal vs. Company

Not only can you have a personal One Card™, you can also have a Company One Card™ which includes the option to have multiple locations and a detailed Staff page. Your Staff can then to link their Personal One Card™ from the Staff page.

The Company One Card™ can also act as an interim mobile website if you do not already have one.


One Card on iPhone with Personal and Company One Card options


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