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Now that you have your Crowdit Project Profile setup and you’ve been issued your One Card™, we wanted to give you a few tips and tricks on how to setup your One Card™ to get the most out of it.



Personal Account

There are two options on account setup, Personal and Company. We suggest using the personal layout because it will match your Crowdit profile better.

Welcome Video

We suggest using your Crowdit intro video to keep continuity.

Profile Picture

Don’t forget to add your Crowdit profile picture, If you want to add a 2nd image, you can. For a personal touch, add a picture of you and your team.

Contact Information

Add any contact information you would like including a phone number, email address, company website, etc.

Additional Company Info

Make sure and fill out a brief description about your product, company, service and/or project.

Social Networks

Link all of your Company Social Networks to your One Card™. If you do not have a company profile, we suggest creating one for added connection.

More About You

For the About section we suggest copying the text from your Crowdit profile on why you are doing what you’re doing and maybe some info about your product or service.

Info Center

Feel free to be creative! The idea here is to get people to believe in what you’re doing and get people to serve you. It’s important throughout the pages to put links back to your Crowdit profile. Here are a few suggestions for your Info Center pages.

  • Support Incentives – add a list of featured incentives from your Crowdit profile.
  • Why We Need Your Support – the why is the most important part of why people will support you.
  • What is _______: – Describe your product with videos, pictures, lists and anything else you need to explain what you’re doing.
  • Product Gallery – Upload a few photos of your project or future product
  • Help Us Spread the Word – Give your supporters a block of text they can copy and paste in their social profiles to spread the word. We also suggest placing a header with “Click the Share Button and Send to your Friends” at the top of this page.


Click the button below to see our Crowdit Dream One Card™. If you like what we are doing with the One Card™, please support our dream. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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