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The Marketing Blog is designed to provide you tips, tricks and thought process on how the One Card™ can work for you. The fact is your paper business card is ineffective in today’s digital world. Read the posts below to learn how the One Card™ can benefit for you and your company.

How to make the digital connection personal

Whether it’s a digital connection or a real connection, every day billions of people connect for the first time. In the business world, making connections is important and will directly shape our career path and successes. Think about a world where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak never met! The current […]

5 Ways To Leave A Lasting Impressions

5 Ways To Leave A Lasting Impressions

Most first impressions are made within the first 15 seconds of meeting someone. This is interesting to me considering that most first time meetings begin with pleasantries and small talk. Imagine meeting a nobel prize winner for the first time without being introduced. To […]

It Works with One Card™

How many times do you meet people that act interested in learning about It Works and then nothing comes of it? The question is, how do you connect with potential customers? This might seem like an obvious question, but a connection is not complete unless your able to communicate. Now […]

What Is Your Why, Business Owners?

What is your why? Some of you may have heard this question before and you know what your “why” is, others of you may not even know what I mean when I ask this. The word “why” has had a powerful effect on my life; from helping me to make […]

The Marketing Tool That Every Photographer Needs

As a photographer, your business card may be the first time a potential customer will see your work. Your hope when you hand someone your business card is that it will make an AMAZING 1st impression and result in future business. Unfortunately, it’s more likely that your business card will […]

Crowdit partners with One Card™- Offering a Free digital business card

We are proud to announce a partnership with Crowdit, a crowd funding platform that is helping inventors and innovators reach their dreams. At One Card™ we are passionate about helping small business owners in anyway possible. We believe partnering with Crowdit to help make the dreams of small business owners become a reality just makes […]

Online business Card Or Digital Business Card

Online business cards or digital business cards? The business card is evolving, the question is: what will the digital version of the business card be called? When we created the One Card™ to replace the paper business card it was funny, we weren’t sure what to call it! Keep in mind that when we created the […]

Business Cards – The Rise And Fall

The rise of the business card came out of the need to help people remember the name of a visitor as they arrived to an event. From this innovation there were many more adaptions of the paper business card but nothing spectacularly different. It always remained pretty much the same basic […]

Your business card isn’t dead, it’s a zombie

You’re probably wondering why I am comparing the living dead to a business card. That is a fair question, considering the title of this blog, but I would ask you to first make the comparison yourself. What does the business card have in common with a zombie? The correlation may […]

How To Use a QR Code

As a small business owner, you do not always have the luxury of having a graphic designer on staff. So my guess is you are probably doing the graphic design for your company, which can lead to some interesting print designs. You may be amazing at design, but here are […]

One Card™ Business Networking

One Card™ is the perfect tool to make one on one business introduction at a networking event. You use your One Card™ to make those connections with several people that you had time to speak with but what about everyone else you just got a card from? It is important […]

Share Your One Card Through Text

One of the best ways to share your One Card is by text. You might be thinking that would be an obvious choice given the fact that everyone is texting now. The reason we think it is a great way to share your One Card™ is because it is a […]

Customer Connection

As business owners it’s important to make the customer connection. We have to stop sometimes and put on the “consumer goggles” to get a different perspective on what our potential customers are looking for. One thing we have realized at QRPro is that most consumers do business with people they […]

Welcome Video – Do’s & Don’ts

Ok, so you want to add a welcome video to your One Card™; the question is where to do you start? Well, you need to understand why we added this feature to the One Card™. The thought was simple; if you are going to share a digital business card why […]

Stand Out with the One Card Info Center

Stand out with the One Card™ Info Center.

There are aspects to every business that are different from their competition or things that make their business more credible than the rest. You, the business owners, realize that it is crucial for your potential customers to notice these distinct differences and what […]

Contact Info Done Right

The main page of your One Card™ is devoted to all your contact info. This is the first thing your potential customers will see, therefore, it is important to make good first impression. I know what you’re thinking… “It is just my traditional contact information; how could I make a […]

Fill Out Your One Card™

So you purchased the One Card™, your first digital business card, and now it is time to set it up and completely fill out your One Card™. First, I just want to point out that there are tutorials built into the admin portal to help you setup your One Card™. […]

One Card™ | A Free Digital Business Card

Why get a free digital business card for your business? It’s the 21st Century and you would think since we don’t have flying cars that the digital business card would at least be a staple in the business world. So my question is why isn’t your business card digital? For some it […]