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Now, you can share your Portfolio and Gallery right from your One Card™. You can also connect all of your clients and potential customers to your social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Dribbble, Pinterest, etc. and then have them save your digital business card right to their homescreen as a custom app icon for easy access and instant sharing.

Demo a Photography One Card

One Card for Photographers

Network Marketing / Direct Sales

As an Independent Business Owner, it’s all about networking. Your One Card™ can be saved as an app icon on your customer’s and/or downline’s devices so they have easy access to your contact info and have a reminder to order their favorite products. You can also add some video testimonies in the info center to help potential customers understand how your products or service is truly amazing.

Demo a Network Marketing One Card

Real Estate

In real estate, your face is your brand. The One Card™ makes your marketing consistent from your Yard Sign to your Profile Picture to your App Icon, which with your One Card™, can be saved on your customers devices for instant access. Add your One Card™ QR code to a yard sign and instantly when a potential customer scans it they will be taken right to your welcome video for a personal greeting.

Demo a Real Estate One Card

One Card for Real Estate Agents


Set your customers at ease by sending ahead of your technicians their One Card™. This way your customer can see a picture of who is visiting their home and even get some background on them before they even arrive.

Demo a Service One Card

One Card for Service Based Industries



We understand, as entrepreneurs, you may have more than one business. The One Card™ allows you to add multiple businesses with unique info for each.

Demo an Entrepreneur One Card

One Card for Entrepreneurs


We’ve all scheduled those meetings with people we’ve never met. The One Card™ allows you to send all of your information, even a picture, before the meeting ever starts. From there all you need to do is show up early and they will find you with your One Card™

Demo a Sale Industry One Card

One Card for Sales


In music, it’s all about word of mouth and booking shows. The One Card™ allows bands and musicians a place to put all their booking information along with videos, links to their music and all of their social networks in one place. Not to mention, bands can then share their One Card™ through text, email and QR codes on their concert flyers.

Demo a Band One Card

One Card for Bands


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