The main page of your One Card™ is devoted to all your contact info. This is the first thing your potential customers will see, therefore, it is important to make good first impression. I know what you’re thinking… “It is just my traditional contact information; how could I make a bad impression?” Well, think about it from the customer’s perspective. What would they expect from a contact page? If you do not meet these expectations, you will probably not have a happy customer. So what we recommend is that you think about the most frequent way you are contacted and make sure that it is at the top of your contact info for easy access. We have also noticed that many companies don’t add every method of communication to the page. For example; if your business has a toll-free number or a fax number although these are antiquated forms of contact, some customers still want to use them. The main point of this aspect is to make it as easy as possible for a potential customer to contact you.