One of the best ways to share your One Card is by text. You might be thinking that would be an obvious choice given the fact that everyone is texting now. The reason we think it is a great way to share your One Card™ is because it is a great icebreaker in a conversation. So picture this; you meet someone at a coffee shop as you are waiting in line. You start up conversation of small talk and then a question comes up that opens the door “So what do you do?” and of course you start in by telling about your business. The conversation is going well and they are asking more questions, but obviously you can’t make the sale right there. You know if you give them a business card you will never hear from them again. So how do you connect? Luckily, you have a One Card™ the most amazing digital business card available that can be shared with anyone. Sorry for the shameless plug! So you’re standing there with the prospective customer that you would like to follow up with. Here is what you need to do, ask them “Can I text you my digital business card?” What I love about this method is that now they have your One Card™ and you have their phone number. I like to end the conversation by saying, “can I follow up with you in a couple weeks?” This is great way to create a lead!