Ok, so you want to add a welcome video to your One Card™; the question is where to do you start? Well, you need to understand why we added this feature to the One Card™. The thought was simple; if you are going to share a digital business card why limit the customers first impression to just a pictures. Not to mention, we live in the 21st century and we think video is a must to have on a digital business card. With the opportunity to use videos there also comes some responsibility.

Here are some guidelines we recommend when creating the video. First, realize this could be the first time your customer has ever seen you and first impressions are everything. So what you are wearing for the video, and how good the video quality is are some things you may want to think about when creating your video. Second, the introduction is a key part to the welcome video; a friendly confident greeting is a key aspect to start with. The introduction is not different than when you meet someone for the first time. Next, tell them a little about yourself or your company but you must keep it brief. We recommend your video is no longer than a minute. Last, just remember to have fun and smile! People do business with individuals they know and like.