You’re probably wondering why I am comparing the living dead to a business card. That is a fair question, considering the title of this blog, but I would ask you to first make the comparison yourself. What does the business card have in common with a zombie? The correlation may not seem obvious but let’s take a look at the definition of a zombie; the body of a dead person given the semblance of life but mute and will-less. A business card is a dead, ineffective form of passing contact information that has been given semblance of life as it is still passed around today. It is mute and will-less as people around the world lose or throw them away. Now seriously, let’s think about it, I know there has been a debate as to whether or not the business card is dead and useless, but the truth is that we have made the business card a zombie. The business card cannot peacefully die if we are still using it. I talk to business owners all the time that hate the task of entering business card information into their phone because they don’t have time and it does not stop there. Some of the latest statistics state that 10 billion business cards were printed in 2012 and 88% of them were lost or thrown away. Some would say they were thrown away after the information was added into their phone. Let’s be realistic about the odds of that actually being true. We need to face the changing needs of an emerging technological market and let the traditional business card die in peace.


Everything we do in business now is digital. Even the newspapers understand this and have started to migrate to a digital format. The question is how do you connect? My problem is not with the business card or its purpose of making connecting easier, but instead with the format in which it is shared. Paper is analog in a digital world. Many of you would answer the question of how you connect with the answers, Facebook or LinkedIn. Social media is quickly becoming a more common way to connect in the business world and there is no easy way to add a friend in these social networks by handing out traditional business cards. I do not foresee videos being added to paper business cards anytime soon. Your potential customer has to take multiple steps to communicate before they see your product or price. The paper business card is the epitome of the living dead or a zombie. Dead at the bottom of a trash can or lost in a drawer, but living through every business person that is too stubborn to admit that the paper business card is ineffective.


So how do we kill the zombie? The point of my argument is obviously to stop the destruction of our world from the zombie apocalypse. The zombie apocalypse, in this case, is the traditional belief by business professionals that the paper business card is still actually an effective tool for sharing contact information in a digital age. The interesting part in my research of how to kill a zombie is you must harm the brain or brain stem to stop them. I think this has a direct correlation on how to stop the paper business card zombie apocalypse because it requires a mindset change to stop the impending doom. This change in the business world thought process should not be the complete removal of the idea of a business card, but the acceptance of the digital business card as the next generation of connecting. I feel that the love of zombies in the business community has blinded them from the potential that the digital business card could have. Some of the comments I have heard about the digital business card are as follows “they are not personal enough”, “It takes too much time to pull out my phone”, “what if they don’t have the same app as me”. These concerns could be real issues based on some digital business cards that are available out there. Look at the vCard, which was in some ways the first digital business card. It is still in use today but very impersonal and limited in the scope of what it can do, and not to mention, it is static. There are several “digital business card” options that basically have a paper business card look with links layered on top of it. Most of these require you to have the app to view it, which I seriously doubt a potential customer will download in order to view your information. I understand why the business world is reluctant to kill the zombie of paper business cards in their life but I think they are searching for the right ammo in the digital business card armory.


Imagine a digital business card that works on smartphone, tablets and computers with no app required and contact information is not limited to just one paper card but could have information for multiple businesses for aspiring entrepreneurs. To allow a personal touch there would be a welcome video or even a place for a commercial for people to connect with you. It would have a place for the social media links and not limited to only Facebook because everyone is starting to prefer to connect on multiple platforms. It would be extremely effective if you could put information from a brochure on there, so if a potential customer wanted more details before they connect with you they could easily have access to it. This digital business card would have to be easy to share through a URL, text or email so anyone could share it and save it. It must be cloud based so the information is always current because reprinting paper cards when an aspect of the information has changed just never made sense, considering all of the cards I had just passed out were still wrong. You should be able to save it as an app without going to the app store for easy access for your customers to be able to share with their friends and family. The entire digital business card option needs to be incredibly simple so that anyone could use it intuitively. So, does such a perfect, zombie killing weapon exist? Well of course! Why would I write this long diatribe about the zombie business card crisis if there was not a game changing weapon that could save the business community from impending doom? The name of this digital business card, which is the epitome of a laser guided weapon, is the One Card™. Powered by QRPro, the One Card™ is a digital business card that is rethinking the way we connect. If you have not joined the movement yet the weapons depot is located a where you can get the right weapon for the job. So it’s time to take up arms with the One Card™ and stop the paper business card zombie apocalypse!

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