We are proud to announce a partnership with Crowdit, a crowd funding platform that is helping inventors and innovators reach their dreams. At One Card™ we are passionate about helping small business owners in anyway possible. We believe partnering with Crowdit to help make the dreams of small business owners become a reality just makes sense. Dreamers will receive a free trial One Card™ for the length of their campaign. The goal of offering dreamers a One Card™ was simply to give them an easy way to share information about their dream instantly. Lets say a dreamer is at a coffee shop, they strike up a conversation about their project and the person is interested in support their dream. Now what? One Card™ allows them to put all of the important information about their project, including videos, a photo gallery and a link to their project for support, right on their One Card™. It can be shared instantly by text, email or even online with their custom URL. Another great feature that Crowdit dreamers can take advantage of is saving the One Card™ as a custom app icon on their supporters phone. This is a great way for supporters to keep up with what’s happening with the project and also share the One Card™ with their friends and family. One Card™ is the perfect tool for dreamers to use with a Crowdit project.

Receiving funding in this day and age for a startup or an invention someone built in their garage can very difficult. This is why Crowdit is such an important part to the economy and a great resource for small businesses. We believe so much in this partnership with Crowdit, that we ourselves have a project for One Card™ on the site. Our Company is trying to raise $100,000 to hire new employee’s necessary to continue our progress of building One Card™. We see the importance ourselves in using One Card™ to promote our dream and that is why we wanted to help dreamers do the same. Go Crowdit Nation!