As a photographer, your business card may be the first time a potential customer will see your work. Your hope when you hand someone your business card is that it will make an AMAZING 1st impression and result in future business. Unfortunately, it’s more likely that your business card will be forgotten about and lost or thrown away. Don’t take it personally if they throw your card away. Current statistics show that 88% of business cards are thrown away within 2 weeks of being distributed. So ask yourself this: considering those statistics, how effective can a little piece of paper that is 3.5 x 2 inches really be when it comes to displaying your art or gaining you new clients?

Some of you probably use a bigger piece of paper like an oversized card or a brochure. While something like that is more likely to get some attention and a little less likely to be thrown away, honestly, it’s still likely to eventually end up in the trash. What about when you meet a possible client at a store and they are interested in senior pictures for their daughter but your business card features a family portrait? Isn’t the real goal of your business card to get a potential customer to your website or Facebook page where they can see more examples of your work?

The photography industry is becoming more and more saturated. That moment when you first meet a potential client is your chance to catch their attention and show them why they want to work with you and not one of the many other photographers that may be in your city. So what is going to make you stand out from the crowd?

Obviously your unique personality and style sets you apart from the crowd. But why not top that off by sharing a digital business card with that potential client that will keep you on their mind, give them access to ALL of your information and your portfolio and CAN’T be lost or thrown away?

For those of you that have not heard of One Card™ it’s ok! You have only been missing one of the most effective marketing tools a photographer could ever have! Imagine right now that you’re at the store and you text your One Card™ to that potential client, instantly sharing your digital business card. Instead of worrying if they will ever see your portfolio, now it is built right into your One Card™ for them to see and share! Instead of handing them a piece of paper that may be lost or thrown away, they can save your One Card as an App directly to their phone! You can also add the information from your brochure, include videos and even link to all of your social networks right on your One Card so that they can follow you on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram! The best part is that it’s cloud based and is always up to date with all your new pictures, events and specials, automatically updated when they hit your app on their phone. One card works on iPhone, android, windows and blackberry devices. There is no app required and it is easy to share with ANYONE. One Card™ is the next evolution of the business card and soon everyone will have one because it just make sense to make the business card digital. The pro version which includes everything I have mentioned in this article and more, is only 12$ a month! So the question is, will you choose to stand out and utilize the newest technology to grow your photography business? If  you’re ready to fire your business card, you can get your One Card™ at For an example of what a photographers card can look like, check out

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