How many times do you meet people that act interested in learning about It Works and then nothing comes of it? The question is, how do you connect with potential customers? This might seem like an obvious question, but a connection is not complete unless your able to communicate. Now you might be thinking, “I do connect with individuals in a conversation on a more personal level”. This is how it should be, because no one cares how much you know till they know how much you care. The type of connection that I’m describing is sharing your contact information in a way that won’t be lost so you can continue the conversation. How many times have you given someone your postcard with your information on it and there was no response back? We both know It’s not that they weren’t interested or even that the postcard was not effective, but it was just easily lost and/or thrown away. Put yourself in their position, in your busy life what would you have done with a postcard from someone you had never met? Imagine if you could instantly share your contact information right to their phone…which then could be instantly saved. Not too mention you could add all of the information from your brochure. Lets not stop there, what about a welcome video, a full bio and all the social networks you utilize to grow your business? How about one step further with having testimonial videos or before and after pictures right on a simple, easy to share, digital business card?


Well that is possible! One Card™ is your digital business card that works on all smartphones, tablets and computer with no app required. With It Works you already have amazing products, why not combine it with an amazing marketing tool like One Card™? The great part about One Card™ is that it creates a digital, information hub connecting everything you do in It Works with your potential customers. You can share your One Card™ through text, email, QR code and your own custom url that can be shared on any social network. The truth is, the world is becoming a smaller place with technology and One Card™ makes it easy to connect with potential customers anywhere in the world. So as you grow your It Works business, One Card™ is right there to help you along the way. In a world where everything is digital why are we still using paper cards?


If this has caught your attention here is a link to an example of an It Works Rep using One Card™  to grow their business!

Did I mention you can a One Card™ for FREE? – Click Here

When you’re build a business you are always looking for the that slight edge. What is going to make your business stand out from all the rest? So why not be using cutting edge technology for free to grow your business?