What is your why? Some of you may have heard this question before and you know what your “why” is, others of you may not even know what I mean when I ask this. The word “why” has had a powerful effect on my life; from helping me to make decisions, to causing conflicts in my life that truly made me think about my choices. In the beginning stages of my life the word “why” landed me in timeout, earned me many spankings and began to shape a young mind ready to learn. As a kid I questioned everything, from why I needed to clean my room, to why am I even here? I was never one of those kids that just believed what someone told me to, and it was through asking the question why that I truly came to learn what I believed. It was also through asking “why?” that I learned the power of common sense and the purpose behind why I do what I do.

When I ask the question “what is your why?” what do you think about? Maybe something like: Why do I do what I do? Why am I here on this planet? Why did I create my company? Why do I wake up in the morning? My point from the beginning was tied to these kind of questions because I so strongly feel it is important to know why you are doing something. If you don’t have a strong reason WHY you are doing something, then why would keep on doing it?  It is really easy to quit something when you don’t know why you are doing it.

This was a long intro to get to this simple thought: as a business owner your “why” must be something you believe in, something you love or something  you are willing to fight for. It’s pretty simple. If you ask yourself why you have your business and the answer is not something that inspires you to continue on, you might need to make a change. If you continue to go forward without knowing your why, one of two things will happen; either you continue to grow and hate your life or you will just quit when it inevitably gets tough. Maybe these two outcomes are too general, but why continue if there is not a good reason to keep going on? Or maybe you did have a why when you started out but you’ve forgotten it along the way. This can also begin to lead to burn out or giving up as well.

Don’t we all want to live for something that matters? Maybe that something is as simple as making sure your kids have a strong future. For others it might be to support a charity you feel is truly making a difference. Some of you might believe that your service or product could truly change your customers lives. Think about this, as a customer would you rather buy from a company that only wants to make money or a company like Toms Shoes that is truly making a difference in the world? We all want to be a part of something that matters, Something that ties in with our personal “why”. So what is your why? If you really don’t know, that’s ok; just start by asking yourself why as many times as you need to, to find out what really matters to you in life.


I believe that everyone has something to live for and if you truly don’t feel like you have a reason, then please email me so we can talk about it! I wrote this post because I believe in you and I want to see you reach your dreams and goals. I believe that in order to reach those dreams and goals, you have to start with your why.