How to make the digital connection personal

Whether it's a digital connection or a real connection, every day billions of people connect for the first time. In the business world, making connections is important and will directly shape our career path and successes. Think about a world where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak never met! The current blog post you are reading may not have even existed considering I'm using a Mac to write it on. What if the founding fathers of the United States of America never connected with each other? What would the world be like? How do you think these history makers first connected? The interesting thing is that in today's world, more and more of these first time connections are happening through social media or other digital forms. This occurrence is growing at a rapid pace with the adoption of smartphones everywhere which is raising some interesting questions and concerns about how successful the use of technology really is for creating real and personal connections. There are so many people who will accept anyone that tries to connect with them on a social network, without even a thought towards establishing a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t accept their request, then you will never even have the opportunity to get to know the person. But it comes down to your real intentions and why you are trying to connect with them in the first place. Are you more interested in building your numbers on social media or actually building a connection that matters? More to the point, does "friending" someone on Facebook or gaining another follower on twitter actually constitute a first time connection? I say this because I believe heavily in the potential of digital [...]