Additional Features of the One Card Banner

Accent Colors on devices such as iPhone, Android and Windows phones

iPhone 5 with One Card on Passbook

Wallet Integration

Now you can add your One Card® directly into your Wallet app. This allows you to have instant access to your custom QR Code when you are at a networking event or trade show. 


Welcome Video

More people are communicating through videos than ever before, so why not introduce yourself through a video right from your business card? In past this obviously would not be possible, but now with the One Card®, you can!

One Card Welcome Video from Youtube

One Card FaceTime and Skype App Icons

Facetime & Skype

Do you use FaceTime or Skype? Now you can connect with others on FaceTime and Skype right from their One Card®. Video conferencing has never been easier.

Personal vs. Company

Not only can you have a Personal One Card®, you can also have a Company One Card® which includes the option to have multiple locations and a detailed staff page. Your staff can then to link their Personal One Card® from the staff page.

The Company One Card® can also act as an interim mobile website if you do not already have one.

One Card on iPhone with Personal and Company One Card options

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