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One Card™ Business Networking

One Card™ is the perfect tool to make one on one business introduction at a networking event. You use your One Card™ to make those connections with several people that you had time to speak with but what about everyone else you just got a card from? It is important to start building a rapport with the other business owners without being pushy. How do you connect and possibly create opportunity where there has not been an official business introduction? Here is a trick that we recommend to accomplish this; first, take all the business cards that you received or pickup and type out all the email addresses. Secondly, write a personal email introducing you and extending an invitation for a coffee meeting. Third, end with a link to your digital business card, giving them easy access to your One Card™.

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Share Your One Card Through Text

One of the best ways to share your One Card is by text. You might be thinking that would be an obvious choice given the fact that everyone is texting now. The reason we think it is a great way to share your One Card™ is because it is a great icebreaker in a conversation. So picture this; you meet someone at a coffee shop as you are waiting in line. You start up conversation of small talk and then a question comes up that opens the door "So what do you do?" and of course you start in by telling about your business. The conversation is going well and they are asking more questions, but obviously you can't make the sale right there. You know if you give them a business card you will never hear from them again. So how do you connect? Luckily, you have a One Card™ the most amazing digital business card available that can be shared with anyone. Sorry for the shameless plug! So you’re standing there with the prospective customer that you would like to follow up with. Here is what you need to do, ask them "Can I text you my digital business card?” What I love about this method is that now they have your One Card™ and you have their phone number. I like to end the conversation by saying, "can I follow up with you in a couple weeks?” This is great way to create a lead!

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Customer Connection

As business owners it's important to make the customer connection. We have to stop sometimes and put on the "consumer goggles" to get a different perspective on what our potential customers are looking for. One thing we have realized at QRPro is that most consumers do business with people they know and like. They will even pay a little more to a local business just to have that connection. The reason we bring this up is that with your One Card you have a great opportunity to connect with your potential customer on a more personal level. The Bio or About section was created for you to give more details about you or your company depending on what type of One Card you have. Allow customers to see why you do business. What makes your company different from everyone else? What to expect if they do business with your company? These are just a few thoughts that you could talk about to build a solid connecting point for you customers.  

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Welcome Video – Do’s & Don’ts

Ok, so you want to add a welcome video to your One Card™; the question is where to do you start? Well, you need to understand why we added this feature to the One Card™. The thought was simple; if you are going to share a digital business card why limit the customers first impression to just a pictures. Not to mention, we live in the 21st century and we think video is a must to have on a digital business card. With the opportunity to use videos there also comes some responsibility. Here are some guidelines we recommend when creating the video. First, realize this could be the first time your customer has ever seen you and first impressions are everything. So what you are wearing for the video, and how good the video quality is are some things you may want to think about when creating your video. Second, the introduction is a key part to the welcome video; a friendly confident greeting is a key aspect to start with. The introduction is not different than when you meet someone for the first time. Next, tell them a little about yourself or your company but you must keep it brief. We recommend your video is no longer than a minute. Last, just remember to have fun and smile! People do business with individuals they know and like.

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Stand Out with the One Card Info Center

Stand out with the One Card™ Info Center. There are aspects to every business that are different from their competition or things that make their business more credible than the rest. You, the business owners, realize that it is crucial for your potential customers to notice these distinct differences and what makes your company the best in the world. The issue at hand is the fact that everyone is fighting for the attention of the consumer. So the advantages you give your customer over the competitor mean nothing if your customer does not know about them. The info center is a great way for you to present this information. When you send your One Card™ to your potential customer, they are focused on your business for that moment, so take advantage of that time with a targeted message.

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Contact Info Done Right

The main page of your One Card™ is devoted to all your contact info. This is the first thing your potential customers will see, therefore, it is important to make good first impression. I know what you’re thinking… “It is just my traditional contact information; how could I make a bad impression?” Well, think about it from the customer’s perspective. What would they expect from a contact page? If you do not meet these expectations, you will probably not have a happy customer. So what we recommend is that you think about the most frequent way you are contacted and make sure that it is at the top of your contact info for easy access. We have also noticed that many companies don't add every method of communication to the page. For example; if your business has a toll-free number or a fax number although these are antiquated forms of contact, some customers still want to use them. The main point of this aspect is to make it as easy as possible for a potential customer to contact you.

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Fill Out Your One Card™

So you purchased the One Card™, your first digital business card, and now it is time to set it up and completely fill out your One Card™. First, I just want to point out that there are tutorials built into the admin portal to help you setup your One Card™. Second, we often see new One Card holders begin the setup process but never finish it, so make sure you make the time to finish the set up completely. Another common problem that happens is that customers will setup the contact page, about section and the social media hub but not complete the info center. The info center is like your digital brochure, giving your potential customer the opportunity to get information to entice them to contact you for more information. This is critical for window shopper type customers. Giving the consumer enough information to make a choice is critical.

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One Card™ | A Free Digital Business Card

Why get a free digital business card for your business? It's the 21st Century and you would think since we don't have flying cars that the digital business card would at least be a staple in the business world. So my question is why isn't your business card digital? For some it may be that you have not heard of them or understand what a digital business card is. Others it may be you came across an inferior digital business card that just didn't work with your lifestyle. These are understandable reasons, but why would you keep using business cards when they are so ineffective. The One Card™ has become the standard for digital business cards in the business community. We realize the idea of a digital business card is still new, but it is necessary for doing business as a professional. It is for this reason that we created the lite version of the One Card™. This is your chance to get one for free and try it out.   Get your free digital business card: Click Here Check out the video about One Card™: Click Here

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