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July 2013

The Marketing Tool That Every Photographer Needs

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As a photographer, your business card may be the first time a potential customer will see your work. Your hope when you hand someone your business card is that it will make an AMAZING 1st impression and result in future business. Unfortunately, it’s more likely that your business card will be forgotten about and lost or thrown away. Don't take it personally if they throw your card away. Current statistics show that 88% of business cards are thrown away within 2 weeks of being distributed. So ask yourself this: considering those statistics, how effective can a little piece of paper that is 3.5 x 2 inches really be when it comes to displaying your art or gaining you new clients? Some of you probably use a bigger piece of paper like an oversized card or a brochure. While something like that is more likely to get some attention and a little less likely to be thrown away, honestly, it’s still likely to eventually end up in the trash. What about when you meet a possible client at a store and they are interested in senior pictures for their daughter but your business card features a family portrait? Isn’t the real goal of your business card to get a potential customer to your website or Facebook page where they can see more examples of your work? The photography industry is becoming more and more saturated. That moment when you first meet a potential client is your chance to catch their attention and show them why they want to work with you and not one of the many other photographers that may be in your city. So what is going to make you stand out from the crowd? Obviously your unique personality and style sets [...]

Crowdit partners with One Card™- Offering a Free digital business card

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We are proud to announce a partnership with Crowdit, a crowd funding platform that is helping inventors and innovators reach their dreams. At One Card™ we are passionate about helping small business owners in anyway possible. We believe partnering with Crowdit to help make the dreams of small business owners become a reality just makes sense. Dreamers will receive a free trial One Card™ for the length of their campaign. The goal of offering dreamers a One Card™ was simply to give them an easy way to share information about their dream instantly. Lets say a dreamer is at a coffee shop, they strike up a conversation about their project and the person is interested in support their dream. Now what? One Card™ allows them to put all of the important information about their project, including videos, a photo gallery and a link to their project for support, right on their One Card™. It can be shared instantly by text, email or even online with their custom URL. Another great feature that Crowdit dreamers can take advantage of is saving the One Card™ as a custom app icon on their supporters phone. This is a great way for supporters to keep up with what's happening with the project and also share the One Card™ with their friends and family. One Card™ is the perfect tool for dreamers to use with a Crowdit project. Receiving funding in this day and age for a startup or an invention someone built in their garage can very difficult. This is why Crowdit is such an important part to the economy and a great resource for small businesses. We believe so much in this partnership with Crowdit, that we ourselves have a project for One Card™ on the site. Our Company is trying to raise $100,000 to hire new employee's necessary to continue [...]

Online business Card Or Digital Business Card

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Online business cards or digital business cards? The business card is evolving, the question is: what will the digital version of the business card be called? When we created the One Card™ to replace the paper business card it was funny, we weren't sure what to call it! Keep in mind that when we created the concept of the One Card™ there was nothing like it. Some of the first names we came up with were: electronic business card, online business card, interactive business card and smart business card. None of these names really worked. We tried calling it the interactive business card and the response was "what the heck is that?" As we continued to market the One Card™ and tried to explain what it was, the more it became clear how confused the business world was about our market. That's not a bad thing, it just means that we have found a truly innovative market to be a part of that is in it's very beginning stages. The paper business card continues to become less and less effective in an ever evolving digital business world and it is only a matter of time before it's gone. This process of the business card dying will be sped up as business owners realize how effective digital versions of the business cards like One Card™ can be.   So why the confusion on the naming of this new kind of business card? I think it's because when you make something digital there are so many different naming options such as: e-business card, online business card, virtual business card, etc. The thing is we need a universal term for the business card in the 21st century. It has to be something that anyone could hear and know what the heck I am talking about. I [...]

June 2013

Business Cards – The Rise And Fall

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The rise of the business card came out of the need to help people remember the name of a visitor as they arrived to an event. From this innovation there were many more adaptions of the paper business card but nothing spectacularly different. It always remained pretty much the same basic piece of paper with a name and contact information printed on it. 500 years of business card innovation later and the result is 8,800,000,000 paper business cards thrown away in the United States last year alone. The fall of the paper business card is happening right now in business whether we want to admit it or not.The question is, without paper business cards how will we easily share our contact information with a stranger? It has never been the basic idea of what the business card accomplishes that is the problem, but rather the delivery method. It is time for the rise of the digital business card, which can be shared on any device at any time with no limits on the content and no possibility of ending up in the trash. The truth is, the digital business card can't just stop at sharing the limited information that has already been supplied by paper business cards for hundreds of years; it has to evolve beyond that. In this day and age of advanced technology we need to be able to add videos, photo albums, multiple businesses information and locations, even your social network profiles. Credibility is important too, so the option to add a bio or digital resume is also important. The biggest problem with the paper business card is how to save it. The digital business card needs to be able to be saved right on your phone [...]

Your business card isn’t dead, it’s a zombie

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You’re probably wondering why I am comparing the living dead to a business card. That is a fair question, considering the title of this blog, but I would ask you to first make the comparison yourself. What does the business card have in common with a zombie? The correlation may not seem obvious but let’s take a look at the definition of a zombie; the body of a dead person given the semblance of life but mute and will-less. A business card is a dead, ineffective form of passing contact information that has been given semblance of life as it is still passed around today. It is mute and will-less as people around the world lose or throw them away. Now seriously, let’s think about it, I know there has been a debate as to whether or not the business card is dead and useless, but the truth is that we have made the business card a zombie. The business card cannot peacefully die if we are still using it. I talk to business owners all the time that hate the task of entering business card information into their phone because they don’t have time and it does not stop there. Some of the latest statistics state that 10 billion business cards were printed in 2012 and 88% of them were lost or thrown away. Some would say they were thrown away after the information was added into their phone. Let’s be realistic about the odds of that actually being true. We need to face the changing needs of an emerging technological market and let the traditional business card die in peace.   Everything we do in business now is digital. Even the newspapers understand this and have started to migrate to a digital format. The question is how do you connect? My [...]

How To Use a QR Code

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As a small business owner, you do not always have the luxury of having a graphic designer on staff. So my guess is you are probably doing the graphic design for your company, which can lead to some interesting print designs. You may be amazing at design, but here are some tips for you if you are thinking about adding a QR Code to your design.   Realize what the point of the QR code is. The idea of the qr code is simple. It makes ad or print material interactive in order to connect to the digital world. So what are you trying to connect your customer to? Make sure you are utilizing your One Card™ QR code, which can be used as your temporary mobile website, and make sure your qr code is going somewhere mobile optimized. Once you have decided what you are connecting your customers to, whether it is going to be part of your call to action or just an easy way to get to your website to look at more information, you are ready for the next step. This decision will factor into where you should place your QR code. If it is a call to action you may look at placing it at the bottom of the page. If it is connects to your website you may want to place the qr code in the header with the rest of your company information. Create a QR code design. Do not just stick a random qr code on a page with no indication of what is does. You have to give the person a reason to scan the qr code. Here is an example if you would like the [...]

One Card™ Business Networking

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One Card™ is the perfect tool to make one on one business introduction at a networking event. You use your One Card™ to make those connections with several people that you had time to speak with but what about everyone else you just got a card from? It is important to start building a rapport with the other business owners without being pushy. How do you connect and possibly create opportunity where there has not been an official business introduction? Here is a trick that we recommend to accomplish this; first, take all the business cards that you received or pickup and type out all the email addresses. Secondly, write a personal email introducing you and extending an invitation for a coffee meeting. Third, end with a link to your digital business card, giving them easy access to your One Card™.

Share Your One Card Through Text

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One of the best ways to share your One Card is by text. You might be thinking that would be an obvious choice given the fact that everyone is texting now. The reason we think it is a great way to share your One Card™ is because it is a great icebreaker in a conversation. So picture this; you meet someone at a coffee shop as you are waiting in line. You start up conversation of small talk and then a question comes up that opens the door "So what do you do?" and of course you start in by telling about your business. The conversation is going well and they are asking more questions, but obviously you can't make the sale right there. You know if you give them a business card you will never hear from them again. So how do you connect? Luckily, you have a One Card™ the most amazing digital business card available that can be shared with anyone. Sorry for the shameless plug! So you’re standing there with the prospective customer that you would like to follow up with. Here is what you need to do, ask them "Can I text you my digital business card?” What I love about this method is that now they have your One Card™ and you have their phone number. I like to end the conversation by saying, "can I follow up with you in a couple weeks?” This is great way to create a lead!

Customer Connection

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As business owners it's important to make the customer connection. We have to stop sometimes and put on the "consumer goggles" to get a different perspective on what our potential customers are looking for. One thing we have realized at QRPro is that most consumers do business with people they know and like. They will even pay a little more to a local business just to have that connection. The reason we bring this up is that with your One Card you have a great opportunity to connect with your potential customer on a more personal level. The Bio or About section was created for you to give more details about you or your company depending on what type of One Card you have. Allow customers to see why you do business. What makes your company different from everyone else? What to expect if they do business with your company? These are just a few thoughts that you could talk about to build a solid connecting point for you customers.  

Welcome Video – Do’s & Don’ts

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Ok, so you want to add a welcome video to your One Card™; the question is where to do you start? Well, you need to understand why we added this feature to the One Card™. The thought was simple; if you are going to share a digital business card why limit the customers first impression to just a pictures. Not to mention, we live in the 21st century and we think video is a must to have on a digital business card. With the opportunity to use videos there also comes some responsibility. Here are some guidelines we recommend when creating the video. First, realize this could be the first time your customer has ever seen you and first impressions are everything. So what you are wearing for the video, and how good the video quality is are some things you may want to think about when creating your video. Second, the introduction is a key part to the welcome video; a friendly confident greeting is a key aspect to start with. The introduction is not different than when you meet someone for the first time. Next, tell them a little about yourself or your company but you must keep it brief. We recommend your video is no longer than a minute. Last, just remember to have fun and smile! People do business with individuals they know and like.