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Can I view my One Card when I don’t have data?2013-08-07T21:57:23+00:00

Unfortunately, because our product is web based, you need to have data or wifi to access your One Card. We are currently working on an offline mode so you can access it just in case you’re in an area that you don’t have service. The fact is, most of the time, you’re going to have service all the time.

How can I text my One Card?2017-12-05T21:53:43+00:00

The One Card can easily be shared through text messaging because you have your own unique URL. The text shortcut automatically places your One Card URL in the text so you don’t have to type it every time you want to share it. We have listed instructions below…


iPhone: Go to settings, tap General, go down and tap on Keyboard and then scroll down and tap Add New Shortcut. Just type in the phrase you want to text and what letter/number combo you want to type.

Android: Go to the Messaging app, tap the menu button, tap settings and then look for Text Messages Signatures. Another way to have a shortcut is by downloading a third party, text messaging shortcut app. Some Androids are different, so if you have any trouble just search how your phone sets up shortcuts.

Should I include my Personal Social Profiles?2017-12-05T21:53:43+00:00

It’s completely up to you. We believe its important to connect your clients with your personal social profiles because people want to know who you are and what you enjoy. If you want to just put your company social pages, that is totally fine.

Should I have a Welcome Video?2017-12-05T21:53:43+00:00

Absolutely! We believe welcome videos are extremely important because it gives your potential clients another chance to connect with you and see how your passionate you are about what you do. Even if you just pull out your phone and start recording it on there, its a start!

How do I save my One Card?2017-12-05T21:53:43+00:00

You can save your One Card as a vCard by directly downloading it into your contacts. To do that just tap save in the top left corner, tap download and follow the instructions from there, depending on your device.

How do I share my One Card?2017-12-05T21:53:43+00:00

There are three basic ways to share your One Card™.

  1. You can share your one card via email. Just tap the “share” button on your One Card™ and enter in the email address you wish to send your One Card™ to. 
  2. You can share your One Card™ via QR code. Just tap the “share” button on your One Card™. If the person you are sharing your card with has a smart phone, they can scan the QR code directly from your phone. You can also have your QR code printed on your paper business card.
  3. When you create your One Card™, it creates a personal web address which can be shared as a link that will bring people directly to your One Card™. For example, you can place the web address in your email signature or on your business cards.
Will the One Card work on my phone?2013-08-07T20:23:54+00:00

The One Card is a web app designed to work on MOST smart phones. It was specifically developed for the Android 2.3+, iOS 3+, Blackberry 6.0+ and Windows Phone 7+ platforms. If you find that it doesn’t work on your phone, let us know as we are continually working on improving the One Card™ so that it works on as many platforms as possible.

Can I use the One Card as a mobile website for my business?2013-08-07T20:25:22+00:00

Yes! We are not trying to replace the mobile website, but the One Card acts as a interim mobile website. You can have your web designer forward people accessing your website to your One Card, if they are on their mobile device.

Where can I find the file for my One Card QR Code?2013-08-07T20:28:16+00:00

The easiest way to get your master QR Code are as follows…

  • Log into your admin portal
  • Click on your One Card
  • Click “Card Details” in the top right of your screen
  • Right-Click on your QR code and save it
Do I still need paper Business Cards?2013-06-13T21:02:13+00:00

That is up to you. The One Card™ replaces everything you would have on a business card, digitally. However, if you would still like to print business cards, we suggest printing your QR code on the back so they can access your One Card™.

Do I need a smart phone to purchase or use the One Card?2017-12-05T21:53:43+00:00

No! Because the One Card works on tablets and computers as well, so you don’t have to have a smart phone to use it. Your customers can access your One Card™ on their mobile device even if you don’t have one.

What information can be stored on my One Card?2013-08-07T20:30:14+00:00
As much info that fits within our guidelines and templates. The One Card is designed to hold the typical content you would find on a business card, as well as videos, links to your social networks and other sites, galleries, portfolios, pricing, specials, etc.