GO GREEN with One Card™

Info Graphic - 88% of the 10 Billion Business Cards were thrown away last year. Go Green with One Card™!

In a world that is striving to be more environmentally conscious, why are we still using paper business cards? It’s time to Go Green with One Card™.

We have electric cars, solar power and moving more towards sustainable energy. Companies are searching for more ways to “Go Green”, yet the one thing we pass our contact information around with is a piece of paper, which let’s face it, get’s thrown away or lost. It’s time for the business card to evolve, that is why we have created the One Card™, a truly green business card.

A Digital Business Card decreases how many business cards you have to print.

we understand there is a mindset change on moving from a paper business card to a digital one, but that is where the world is headed. You can print your custom QR Code on your paper business cards and only hand them out when absolutely needed. All the other times, your One Card™ can be texted or emailed for instant access and easy sharing.

Go Green with One Card™ | Your Truly Green Business Card