How the One Card Works


One Card displayed on iPhone 5 Image


One Card Creates an Information Hub for your Customers

The One Card creates a digital, information hub where your customers can pick and choose how they want to connect with you. Customers will be able to connect with your standard contact information, a video introduction, a bio telling a little more about yourself, all of your social networks in one place and an info center, which allows you to create a digital brochure right from your One Card.


One Card Allows you to Share Anywhere, Anytime

One Card can be shared simply by text, email, qr code, custom URL and through social networks. The truth is what good is a digital business card if you can’t share it with a complete stranger. One Card works with smartphones, tablets and computers with no app required…so your customers can literally have all of your information no matter what they’re using.

One Card Social Media Page on iPhone 5 Image

Save your One Card on ALL of your Customers Devices

Save your One Card as a custom app icon right on your customers phone. All of your information is Cloud Based, so your customers can access your most relevant contact info at anytime. We understand that information is always changing, therefore when your customer saves your One Card, the information needs to be current. Even the vCard that the One Card creates can be saved right in your customers contacts. It creates a URL linking back to the most recent version of your information too. For any iOS users out there, the One Card can even be saved right to Passbook.


Connect your Customers to ALL of your Social Networks

When you share your One Card with potential customers, they can immediately connect to you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, and 25+ more social networks. One Card was designed for your customer to have instant access to everything about your business and make it truly easy for them to stay connected.


Unlimited Sharing and Saving

The greatest thing about One Card is not just that you can share all your information at one time, but the fact that when your customers save your One Card on their devices they can become an active part of your business team. There is no limit to who and when your One Card can be shared and saved. We want to give your loyal customers the ability to easily refer your One Card to their friends and family members. That’s why we made the One Card simple enough to share and save even if you aren’t around.