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Overall Features of the One Card Icon

 Overall Features

No App Required – Works On All Platforms

Your One CardⓇ works on smartphones, tablets, and computers with no app required. This is a very important part of what makes One Card so special. Other digital business cards out there force you to have an app to view the profile. A lot of times it won’t even work on a desktop, it is just a smartphone app.

Cloud Based

Let’s face it, information is always changing and it’s important for your customers to have up to date info. Your One CardⓇ solves this problem by being Cloud Based, which means your info is instantly updated anytime you make changes to your One Card. 

Accent Colors 

Colors allow us to make things personal, so we thought you might want to add some color to your One CardⓇ. You can choose from 10 different accent colors to make your One Card match your brand colors. 

Company and Personal One Card™

In business you have personal business cards and company business cards, why should it be any different with One CardⓇ? With a personal One Card you can add multiple businesses for inspiring entrepreneurs. With a company One Card you can have multiple locations and list your staff members. If a staff member has a personal One Card it can be tied to the staff page. If not, each staff member can have a name, title, and either a phone or email listed.   

Contact Icon

Contact Page

Custom Profile Picture 

Put a face with the name and build a personal brand with your customers. The One CardⓇ allows you to display a custom profile picture or company logo.

Multiple Businesses or Location

There is no need for you to carry multiple business cards anymore. With One CardⓇ add as many businesses or locations as you would like to your contact page.

Instant Access  

Give your customer the ability to connect instantly. They can immediately call, text, email and even pull up your address on their maps on their device, with one tap. 

Unlimited Contact Information 

One CardⓇ does not limit the amount of contact information you can have. You can add as many phone numbers, email addresses, websites and physical addresses as you need.

FaceTime and Skype 

You can let customers initiate FaceTime and Skype calls right from your One CardⓇ. Sometimes a phone call is just not enough.

Text with Ease 

Your customers can text you right from your One CardⓇ with one tap. The more choices your customer has to contact you, the better.

Company Details 

When you add a company or location to your One CardⓇ contact page you can share your hours of operation, short description, and even your commercial. 

Welcome Video 

First Impressions are everything. With your One CardⓇ, you can upload a Welcome Video to create a more personal interaction with your future customers.


About Icon

About Page

About Section

People connect with people they know and like. One CardⓇ is a perfect place to connect at a more personal level. Tell your story about who you are and why you’re in business.

Experience Section

Share your work experiences and what you have accomplished right on your One CardⓇ. Experience is very important in building credibility.

Education Section

Add your education background to your One CardⓇ. This can be an important sales point to a future customer depending on what your occupation is.  

Skills and Expertise 

Give your customers a more accurate list of your skills and expertise. Why should they hire you or your company? 

Social Icon

Social Page

Social Media Dashboard 

One spot for all your different social network profiles. One CardⓇ gives you a more organized approach for your customers to connect with you and to see how well you’re socially connected.

30 Social Networks

We support all of the latest up and coming social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc with many more to come.

Contact Form 

Allow your customers to have direct communication with you or your business.  

Info Center Icon

Info Center

Your Digital Brochure  

We designed the info center to replace the standard tri-fold brochure, which gave you more information than a business card, but less than your website. Now you can accomplish both! 

Build It Custom 

Recreate your trifold in the info center with specific items designed to help you create custom pages perfect for your content.

The Building Blocks 

There are several items we created to make up the info center. For example: videos, links, photo galleries, lists, etc.

Customer Curiosity 

Customers always want just a little more information before they will contact you, the question is how easy is it to find more information? The One CardⓇ info center is the perfect informational bridge to give just enough information where a potential customer will want to connect.

Share Icon

Share Page

Text the One CardⓇ 

Text a link to your One Card right from the share page.

Email the One CardⓇ 

When you share your One Card by email it attaches your profile picture and your vCard to the email. Your customer can see who they are connecting with immediately and they can add you to their address book.

QR Code 

The QR code on the share page will dynamically change based on what page you are currently on. This a great way to share a specific video in your info center or a link to a social network.

Near Field Communication

One CardⓇ can be shared through the web browser of an NFC enabled smartphone device with no app required.

Save Icon

Save Page

Custom App Icon 

A custom app icon is generated from your profile picture to be displayed when a customer saves your One CardⓇ as a web clip on their smartphone or tablet. 


Your vCard, which is a digital contact format, is generated based on the information in your contact page. Your customers can then save your information right to their contacts.


For iOS users, the One CardⓇ can be saved directly into passbook. 


One CardⓇ is a web app which gives you the ability to save it in your bookmarks of your browser.

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