One Card™ Digital Hand-off Graphic

It is very important to know how to digitally hand-off of your One Card®. Below are are few tips on how to get your One Card to your potential customers…

Let’s say you are having an impromptu dialogue with a potential customer at a store and it’s going well, now what?

  • You: Would you mind if I sent you my digital business card?

  • Customer : Sure, that’s cool.

  • You: Let me get your number really quick and I’ll text it to you.

  • Customer: 123-456-7890.

  • You: What was your name again so I remember. I just sent you my One Card®.

Note: You will need to have setup a short cut on your smartphone with a link to your one card. This training can be found in the where do I start Section.

Having a meeting at a coffee shop with a customer?

  • Customer : Can I get your business card?

  • You: Sure, I actually have a digital business card. Do you have a QR code scanner on your phone?

  • Customer: No, I do not (Note: If they say yes, have them scan your QR card on the share page.)

  • You: No problem, what is your email address? I will send it through email.

Note: To share through email, simply tap the Share button at the top right of your One Card®, tap send by email and then type there address in.

At a Networking Event?

  • Customer : Can I get your business card?

  • You: Sure, I actually have a digital, green, business card. I’m trying to do my part for the environment.

  • Customer: Very cool!

  • You: Let me grab your business card and I will email it to you.

Note: At a networking event you meet a lot of individuals in a short time and it is easier to get their card and then send your One Card® over. 

Did they save it? Once you have exchanged your One Card® make sure they save it. The two main ways of saving is importing the vCard into their address book or saving your One Card as an app icon on their devices home screen.