What should be on my One Card - iPhone Graphic

One CardⓇ Content Suggestions

A common question we receive is, what content should be on the One Card to receive the best results. Below is a section by section break down.


The best place to start is to put all of your contact information. Make sure the your primary contact info is on there as well as the less obvious like fax, toll-free number and even a texting number. Then sort the information from your customers perspective. What is the most common way your customers connect with you? Put those first and work down from there.

You can decide what information you want to list as Personal and what you want listed in each company represented. What you need to consider with the information on your One CardⓇ is it’s publicly visible to anyone, so just list the contact information you want people to use to connect with you.



People do business with individuals they know and like. This is why One CardⓇ has the bio section to give you the ability to connect with your future customers on a more personal level. When you are writing your bio think about it from the perspective of the customer. What would you want to know about you? You can tell your story why you do what you do or why you got started in your industry. 

You can also talk about your family, hobbies, etc. The key is to be concise with the information. We recommend less than 300 words or less. The next part of the bio is employment history and education history. We recommend if the information is relevant to your current customers make sure to include it. Last but not least you should list skills and expertise. This is where you can brag a little bit about what can do or what you have accomplished, so take advantage of this opportunity to build credibility. The important thing is to connect on a more personal level through the bio section.  



This is a page that will only appear if you have a Company One CardⓇ. It is important to list your employees with a specific email address or phone number. Also, if your employee’s have a Personal One Card, you can link it to the Staff page. The Staff page replaces the Bio page on a Personal One Card. You can explain more about your business in the Company Profile, located on the contact page.



Social Media has completely changed the way we communicate with our customers, because our customers connect in different ways. This is why we support all of the major social media platforms. It is very important to put whatever social networks your company uses, on your One CardⓇ. At the same point if you do not use any social networks on a regular basis, we would advise not to put them on your One Card. That way if your customers try to connect with you via a social network, they won’t have to wait to hear back from you.



Why do you give a customer a brochure? Most of time it’s designed to give your customers more information about you and your business. We have found that most people throw away brochures as much as business cards. That is why we created the Info center, which can be your digital brochure.

So how do you take the information off your brochure and put on your One CardⓇ? Well there are several types of items in the info center. For example: links, lists, text, pricing, and videos. These items can be used in multiple ways to rebuild your brochure.

  • Links can be used to link to other websites for more information or maybe a PDF that they can download and print.
  • Lists can be used to list your services you offer or hours or operation.
  • Text can be used for a written testimony or special that your company is offering.
  • Price is designed to have a list of product or services with a detail description where you can add a price and link back to sales page on your website.
  • Video can be used for a testimony or video from a credible source about your company. The sky is the limit on how many videos you want to link.
Use your creativity and put as much content as you want.